Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage

All the rain in Sydney is reminding me of my hike in Japan a few months ago. I hiked solo for 5 days along the ancient pilgrimage trail, the Kumano Kodo, mostly in the rain! It was a breathtaking and exhilarating experience.

On day 3 I started my morning hike without another human on the trail. About a kilometre in, it started pouring and pouring rain. It was the first time along the trek I started to panic and feel very alone.

As I took a moment to breathe and calm myself I noticed 4 crows above in the canopy of the trees. As I started to walk they followed me. Singing and flying from tree to tree. They followed me for over an hour. I started to cry as I realised, when we think we are alone, we are never truly alone. It was a very magical moment.

As I walked on, soaked through an through, jumping from puddle to puddle, trying my best not to slip off the side of the cliff!!! I felt guided, reasurred and very protected.

Jap 5.jpg
Jap 7.jpg