Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage

All the rain in Sydney is reminding me of my hike in Japan a few months ago. I hiked solo for 5 days along the ancient pilgrimage trail, the Kumano Kodo, mostly in the rain! It was a breathtaking and exhilarating experience.

On day 3 I started my morning hike without another human on the trail. About a kilometre in, it started pouring and pouring rain. It was the first time along the trek I started to panic and feel very alone.

As I took a moment to breathe and calm myself I noticed 4 crows above in the canopy of the trees. As I started to walk they followed me. Singing and flying from tree to tree. They followed me for over an hour. I started to cry as I realised, when we think we are alone, we are never truly alone. It was a very magical moment.

As I walked on, soaked through an through, jumping from puddle to puddle, trying my best not to slip off the side of the cliff!!! I felt guided, reasurred and very protected.

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Healing and blossoming

I came across this quote a few years ago, and it really struck me....Anais Nin was a woman before her time, in the 1940's she wrote about sex, affairs and abortions. She wrote for a world that did not yet exist for women, and in her writing helped to bring that world into existence. Because of her work and the work of so many women before us, we finally have the chance to fully blossum 

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Zen inspiration

I visited the Suzuki Zen Museum in Kanazawa, Japan earlier this year. The simplicity of the museum brought me to tears. It was such a profound experience of how an open and peaceful environment gave me the emotional space to feel. 

I had been travelling by myself for almost 3 weeks at this point, and was beginning to feel the loneliness sink in.

The time in the museum allowed me to feel into the loneliness. I had a little cry. The Japanese were completely unsure of how to react to my tears!

Through feeling into it I was released from it.

I did some kinesiology on myself. I felt lighter, still a bit lonely, and definitely more Zen.

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What is Kinesiology?

A lot of people have been asking me recently, what is Kinesiology?!

My colleague Matt Ryan said "how do you explain something so vast in a few sentences!?" but here it goes!

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that helps to eliminate energetic and psychological blockages and address the root cause of physical and emotional issues. 

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access information from the subconscious to identify areas of stress and imbalance in the body’s energy systems. 

The Applied Kinesiology techniques I use in session are part of Integrated Healing, a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of modern psychology, NLP, CBT, physiology, applied kinesiology, reiki and traditional chinese medicine to give a profound yet simple approach to healing.

If you are curious to learn more, I would be happy to chat about any questions! Just email or text me xx