One word. WOW. Felicity’s welcoming warmth has you at ease. Her intuition is spot on, and is a fantastic listener. Kinesiology helped access my subconscious and release energy blocks I had. I have already seen great improvements to my life after Felicity’s session. Felicity’s big heart and kindness makes you feel special. She is so passionate about helping you on your journey. Thank you for a blissful session and I look forward to another one very soon. xx
— Lauren Pinfold, Kahuna Massage Therapist
For anyone wanting to spend some time reconnecting with your inner being and finding answers that don’t come from your busy mind but come from your innate body responses, then I would highly recommend you do a session with Felicity. She brings such a warmth, wisdom and openness, that always feels like unconditional love.
— Gavin Walburgh, Filmmaker
After my session, my advice to anyone pondering making an appointment is this. Don’t think about it or even try to make any sense of Kinesiology because what Felicity’s treatments deliver are so much more than her definition. Please book in for a session with Felicity and FEEL it for yourself. Felicity has a delicate yet powerful energy that gently transmutes any negative patterns into pure love and a renewed energy and higher vibration that feels purely amazing. Love your work Felicity.
— Kimmy McMahon, The Essence Alchemist
“Felicity is one of the most caring souls I have ever come across. She works from the heart and it really shows during a session. She is professional while making the experience relaxed and enjoyable. I would recommend a kinesiology session with Felicity and look forward to another session with her.”
— Andy Glenn, Restarantur
Thank you to the magnificent Felicity for this beautiful manifestation workshop, what a wonderful night with a great bunch of people. PS if you’re looking for an exceptional kinesiologist, she is your woman!
— Victoria Edgehill, Sustainable fashion business owner at Relievables
“Felicity is a blend of beautiful sensitivity and strength. As a practitioner she always has your highest good in her interest. Driven by beautiful healing energy that she channels through, her clients can be reassured to be taken care of in very safe environment. Felicity’s treatments has helped in areas of the every day stress and pressure, clearing of energy field and realigning with spiritual values. I would recommend her services anytime.”
— Petra Feit, Personal Trainer
“I feel more energised, was active on Saturday afterwards and not stressed at all the day after. So I think it says a lot. Thank you. And the card was spot on!
— Bara Koumarova, Transformational Life Coach
Felicity is a truly gifted healer and a blessing to us all. She embodies kindness, non-judgment and deep empathy and is very supportive before, during and after every session. Her remarkable intuition and sensitivities lead to profound insights, and each treatment is conducted with lightness and love. Thank you Felicity for your time and energy – I am truly grateful that you are sharing your gifts so generously with the world.

Felicity’s healing space is beautifully organised, with all of my needs anticipated – she provides cushions and blankets, tea for before the session and water throughout. She also provides additional energetic support throughout the session with crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks and oracle cards.

The sessions themselves are conducted with so much love and lightness. Felicity’s approach is very gentle, yet her remarkable intuition and sensitivities allow her to ask the right questions and time the balances perfectly. Since starting to see Felicity, my lower back and hip pain has reduced significantly, and my periods are much lighter and more manageable. My mid-spine pain has gone completely. During our sessions I have had profound insights into my fertility blocks and through kinesiology Felicity has helped me to understand what my body needs to heal. It is also through our sessions that I have developed a relationship with my spirit team – a gift that I will forever be grateful for.
— Sophie Burbidge, Lawyer
Thank you for the wonderful care and treatment you have given me since January 2017 when I first joined one of your yoga classes. Your kind, calm and holistic approach to wellness has been an inspiration. With your help I am now stronger physically and mentally. Thank you!
— Kate Halley, Journalist
“Felicity, Thank you! I felt so good after the session yesterday and slept so well last night. You’re a miracle worker!”
— Tess Mulveney
I have been attending Yoga classes for the last 8 years as part of our company’s Good For You program. Felicity was our Yoga instructor. Felicity was a passionate and caring teacher. Her excellent teaching skills are of a high standard. I have always enjoyed her classes. I feel so relaxed and happy after attending her Yoga class. I would highly recommend Felicity to all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to one’s life and beyond.
— Anne Shen, Genea Fertility HR department

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