Kinesiology, Meditation and Yoga are the tools that enabled me to heal in my own life. 



I'm a lawyer by trade and have experienced firsthand the push and pulls of the corporate world and the toll it can take on our mind, body and soul. 

I always had an interest in the spiritual and energeric world and was a regular yogi and meditator. However, during university and my first corporate job, stress and anxiety began to have their effects on my health, my relationship and life. I pushed on, trying to do what I could for my mind, body and (hopefully) my spirit. I ate organic, drank green juices, took supplements, attended yoga classes and tried to push on with life.  

It wasn't until I was in a life-threatening accident, where I fell through a roof, that "pushing on" was no longer an option for me. With broken bones, PTSD, adrenal exhaustion and a wounded spirit, I had to find another way to I quit the job, ended the relationship, calmed down the exhausting rehab schedule and literally spent the next 12 months taking walks in nature and meditating on a rock. Little by little my spirit (the one I had neglected!) began to restore itself. 

It was during this time that I discovered kinesiology and energy healing, and the true miracles that happen when you connect with a meditation practice. I witnessed my energy restore gradually and steadily as I engaged in life in a way that truly nourished my soul. Yoga (and an incredible foot surgeon) helped me walk again, deal with chronic pain and recover from my injuries. 

Kinesiology, Meditation and Yoga enabled me to heal, nourish and re-engage with myself.

My intention is to enable you to connect with yourself, your body, your emotions and your true heart desires. We all serve ourselves, each other and the world best when we give and recieve from a place of balance and alignment. 

Education and Training 

Bachelor of Arts (Development Studies)/Law (UNSW).

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (ANU).

Diploma of Integrated Healing (Kinesiology) with Mathilda van Dyk.

Kinergetics (Kinesiology) with Philip Rafferty.

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy in training with Metavision Institute.

Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher with Byron Yoga Centre.

Intuitive Awareness with Tikki Merrillees. 

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